Eating with others in urban areas – presentation at Mood, Mobility and Place conference – Jenny Fisher

I recently attended the Mood, Mobility and Place conference in Edinburgh, UK (11-14 October, 2016) and  was funded by the Social Change: Community Well-being Research Centre to attend the conference. The focus of the conference was Habitats for Health and Happy Ageing with a particular emphasis on spaces and places, travel, housing and dementia. I watched a number of interesting presentations including ones covering travel, accessible environments, sedentary behaviour and living with sight loss. All of the abstracts are here. I spoke about recent research that I have led with Laura Brown, the University of Manchester and Zinnia Mitchell-Smith, Manchester Met University. The aim of the research was to explore the needs, barriers and facilitators to social eating for older people in urban areas.

The visit also gave me an opportunity to meet up with Dr Ryan Woolrych, who is the P-I on our ESRC-Newton research project to discuss go-along interviews, one of our methods.

The twitter hashtag for the conference was #OSPS4 and you can follow me @JennyCFisher.


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