Applied Psychology Research Seminars

As per our discussions at the Research Group meeting this week, here is information about forthcoming seminars organised by Dept. of Psychology.

As part of our ongoing commitment to high-quality research in psychology,there are a series of research seminars from esteemed psychology researchers from across the UK.

The talks will focus on solving real-world problems, covering:

Health Psychology and Behaviour Change
Social Critical and Community Psychology
Applied Cognitive Measurement and Evaluation
Forensic Psychology
Performance and Positive Psychology

All sessions will take place in Manchester Metropolitan University Brooks Building room 3.31 and will run 12.30-1.30.


Thursday 10th November

Dr Judith Ramsay, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at MMU Cheshire Campus.  Dr Ramsay publishes in areas of online communication, e-learning and mobile learning.

Title: The Psychology of Human-computer Interaction

For more information see:


Wednesday 23rd November (Note this is an additional seminar date to previous timetable versions)

Dr Orla Muldoon, Professor of Psychology, University of Limerick.  Dr Muldoon will be sharing her research on the application of the social identity approach to real world social issues.

For more information on Dr Muldoon:


Wednesday14th December

Ken Drinkwater, Psychology Lecturer, MMU.  Ken will be presenting some of his research around conspiracy theories.  For more information see:

Wednesday 11th January

Dr Andrew Stevenson & Dr Jeremy Oldfield, Psychology, MMU.  Dr Stevenson & Dr Oldfield will be talking to us about their recent trip to Guatemala.

For more information on Dr Stevenson see:

For more information on Dr Oldfield see:

Wednesday 8th February

Dr Katherine Johnson, Asst Head Psychology & Psychotherapy, University of Brighton.  Dr Johnson’s research interests include gender and sexuality studies, critical and community psychology, and qualitative methods.  For more information see:

Title: Trans youth: what matters?

Wednesday 8th March

Dr Peter Taylor, Clinical lecturer & clinical psychologist, University of Manchester

Title: TBA


Wednesday 22nd March

Dr Helen Owton, Lecturer – Sport & Fitness, Faculty of Wellbeing, Open University.

Dr Owton’s research specialisms lie in innovative qualitative investigations of sporting embodiment, sensory dimensions, and gendered sporting experiences covering topics that range from women’s boxing, sportspeople with asthma and abuse in sport.

For more information see:

Title: TBA


Wednesday 26th April

Dr Cheryl Hunter, Research Fellow, University of Leeds

Title: TBA

Wednesday 10th May

Dr William Brown, Lecturer in Psychology, University of Bedfordshire.

For more information on Dr Brown see:


Title: “Can Exercise Rewind the Epigenetic Clock?”.

Wednesday 14th June

Dr Andrew Denovan

Title: TBA




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