Susanne & Rebecca to lead qualitative research training

Susanne Langer and Rebecca Lawthom have been invited to teach a new workshop on Supervising Qualitative Student Projects at the annual Summer School on Doing and Communicating Qualitative Research. Organised by Professors Evanthia Lyons and Adrian Coyle, the Summer School is now in its third year and runs from July 17th until July 20th 2017 at Kingston University, London. It offers a valuable opportunity for both novice and more experienced researchers to develop and extend their qualitative research knowledge and skills in practical, hands-on ways.

At the heart of the Summer School is a range of day-long, expert-led workshops that cover the whole span of the research process from design through to writing up. Workshop content includes

approaches to qualitative data generation (individual interviewing, focus group interviews, and using social media data))

  • approaches to qualitative analysis (thematic analysis, IPA, narrative analysis, discourse analysis, and computer-assisted qualitative analysis – NVivo)
  • building new knowledge from qualitative research literature (doing ‘qualitative meta-synthesis’)
  • research with particular groups (researching with vulnerable groups and with children)
  • research in applied settings (doing qualitative evaluation studies)
  • writing up qualitative research for dissertations, reports and publications
  • supervising qualitative student research projects

Further information on the Summer School on ‘Doing and Communicating Qualitative Research’ can be found here:


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