New Article from Jenny, Rebecca and Carolyn

Jenny Fisher, Rebecca Lawthom and Carolyn Kagan have had an article published in Local Economy ‘Delivering on the Big Society? Tensions in hosting community organisers.’ It is online first and available at:

Jenny, Rebecca and Carolyn led a Cabinet Office funded project to host community organisers at Manchester Metropolitan University between 2011 and 2012.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT): Young people’s health in the UK: A literature review with a focus on needs, barriers and practice

Dr Vanessa Fay is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and is a visiting Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has undertaken a literature review on the health of LGBT young people’ health with a focus on needs, barriers and practice.


Click here to read the literature review

New paper from Emma …


New article from Emma Turley exploring how the consensual sexual practice of BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance and submission and sadism and masochism) can be interpreted as a method of embodied exploration.

E. L. Turley. (2016). ‘Like nothing I’ve ever felt before’: understanding consensual BDSM as embodied experience. Psychology and Sexuality. pp.1-14.

‘A massively successful and inspiring event’

Group members Rebecca Lawthom and Jenny Fisher hosted an event at Birley Building on 12th November to share the research findings of an evaluation of Home-Start Manchester South. It was a hugely successful evening, and the stars of the event were a mother who is supported by Home-Start and a volunteer who supports her and her family. Community psychology is about the application of research that explores the relationship between individuals and social systems within a community context. The evaluation of Home-Start Manchester South centered the voices of families and volunteers.

A volunteer at the event told us that the researchers ‘just came in and got on with everyone, they listened to what we said, and were not like normal academics.’
Rob Parkinson, CEO of Home-Start UK, gave a presentation. He said that Home-Start volunteers are between a friend and a professional.

The Chair of Home-Start Manchester South emailed us and said:

‘Just to say, a huge thank you to all for a massively successful and inspiring event last evening, a culmination of all your meticulous research for which we are most grateful. As indicated, we have already started to respond to your recommendations which have been a good learning point for us. Considering how little external research on any Home-Start has been done over the years (as far as I can gather) this has been an important piece of work and I hope the opportunity for extending it will be possible. I don’t know what systems other social enterprises have but such organisations are only just getting recognition, perhaps because of the present economic climate. So it seems you are in the vanguard for this!’

You can read the report here:

and watch an animation that Jenny and Teresa O’Neill made here: